The Stars of the Future in retrospect
Source: Mybase, Ghana Base Music
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  badly outrageous
the comparism of sandra to whitney is very outrageous. it was a real pain to read that! may be she looks good but she does her voice cannot be compared to the whitney! she may know how to sing but comparing her to whitney is real funny. This is the biggest joke i've ever heard. and i just can stop laughing. if you want to compare anyone to whitney then check out Sandra ( obolo) in Mentor 2 fame she had knew how to control her voice better. perhaphs that was whitney greatest strenght she had a soaring vocals! please check facts because your analysis is laughable! Justice comparism to Lemar is more than perfect and Fredrica to Dolly Parton i dont have a problem but the rest i beg to differ!
Posted By Nana kojo
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