Daasebre Gyamena given a celebritys welcome
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Daasebre Gyamena given a celebritys welcome | Daasebre Gyamena given a celebrity's welcome
Daasebre Gyamena given a celebrity's welcome
Source: Ghana Base Music

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By: welcome 5
may the good lord bless you .Am very proud of you.
10/4/2007 1:18:40 PM

By: comment 5
welcome our great singer, thank God u are alright an by the way, how was it
9/14/2007 7:54:50 PM

By: Akwaaba Daasebre!!! 5
Please becareful now and do not trust man cos the heart of man is desperately wicked. Get closer to your maker for He is the One to be trusted. God bless you. By Nana Esi
9/11/2007 6:16:16 PM

By: page one 5
ohh my God this guy does not look like some one who deals in cok may the good lord forgive your enermies
9/7/2007 4:00:14 PM

By: Mary B Awuah 4
a big welcome. ur looks hair more like Emeka, the nigerian actor''s hair. God b with u
6/25/2007 4:19:21 AM

By: naa 5
welcome big bro,but this shld serve as a lesson to all of us.by the way,u look great.
6/8/2007 9:28:52 AM

By: joseph quarcoo 4
i think his story should be a lesson for all especially up and coming musicians.however,i thank God he was not found guilty.ilook forward for his new album.
6/7/2007 6:07:31 AM

Thank God you are back. But just becaureful please because we need you.
5/22/2007 8:44:13 AM

By: i feel for u 3
all i want to say is akwaaba. life in there i know is not easy.you wake up and u dont know when u getting out.even the distance to walk is limited and all this will want u to go crazy. but i thank god u are out just as i exonerated. life goes on.
5/21/2007 12:28:56 PM

By: freda 5
5/20/2007 12:14:40 PM

By: Nana Franke 5
Welcome Mr. Daasebre! All what we need is to give us with your nice voice a new HighL. With your style you will win millions-advice: don`t go too far! Nana
5/20/2007 8:33:20 AM

By: Ato 5
Next time check your luggage beore you travel and DO NOT allow anyone to touch your stuffs. A lesson learnt in a hard way.
5/19/2007 11:39:51 PM

By: rasta awaana 5
you hands are clean boy,you are wellcome Tamale POLY
5/19/2007 10:24:09 AM

By: Boaha 5
God will surely bee with U in all your ways.If God sey yers? no one can say no.
5/18/2007 8:10:13 PM

By: puchi 5
eei dasebre, e be true say u be fine boy. oh dasebre you have made a mistake. why should you leave custody. your few months in custody has really made you a fine boy so you could be the finest boy in ghana if you had stayed for some more months. if i were you i would be making preparations to go back in custody in london again so i could eat cheese burgers and sausages which i could not get in ghana. hurry, hurry
5/18/2007 8:04:50 PM

By: TT 5
I swear This Guy was starving in Ghana ....look at his cheeks ....they are filled up now
5/18/2007 12:41:15 PM

By: elorm 5
welcome boss cat wait for ur new album
5/18/2007 10:25:47 AM

By: Ernest 4
l wish your new songs will recieve enough airtime to announce your presence.May God bless you.
5/17/2007 5:44:57 PM

By: missi 4
i thank God daasebre is free.he should learn a lesson from this
5/17/2007 5:34:38 PM

By: Josephine 5
i''m soo happy u are back. and make good friends.
5/17/2007 5:11:22 PM

By: Abena 5
It is a lesson for him as well as all beings.
5/17/2007 4:25:00 PM

By: mike 5
english prisons trully beautify
5/17/2007 1:28:15 PM

By: kofi asante 5
U cant touch me!He who is blessed is untouchable.welcome AHUOFE.ATANFO ENI AWO.WO YE KUKRUDU!ESHI!!!!!!!
5/17/2007 11:09:18 AM

By: joel ofosu,regent university 5
"...beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,"wei die ma ye mu sete".." that''s what daasebre seems to be saying. prison or no prison still you are our only "ahoofe". donaldson should bow down his heard in shame. enemies of progress.
5/17/2007 9:31:45 AM

By: Rashida iddrisu 5
Thank God u are back home,those who plan it,will be ashame of themsevers.good luck in anything u are going to do from now
5/17/2007 8:12:47 AM

By: Rashida iddrisu 5
Thank God u are back home,those who plan it,will be ashame of themsevers.good luck in anything u are going to do from now
5/17/2007 8:11:50 AM

By: flexy 5
welcome my man the one and only star ilike u soo creazy welcome home/Home sweet. Jehovah be with u take care
5/17/2007 4:37:34 AM

By: Tina 5
5/16/2007 4:17:25 PM

By: kudjoe(london) 5
5/16/2007 9:03:40 AM

By: Stephen Duah 4
It looks so nice. But my problem is whether this picture was taken at his return from prison to the country.
5/16/2007 7:18:51 AM

By: Cynthia Garbrah 5
l am happy that Daasebre back he look so nice in the picture it mean he is well and kicking l thank God for this life and macies
5/16/2007 6:51:45 AM

By: FRED 5
Welcome back Daseebre. The almighty God has heard our prayer. You are Hero.
5/16/2007 4:11:55 AM

By: yohane 4
my man is really looking good oh....obia si wu hu eye fe
5/16/2007 3:50:06 AM

By: tony 5
sorry boss, now beware of ur friends and tell them u wouldnt carry anyone''s bad to abroad, not even ur mama''s
5/15/2007 8:58:45 PM


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